Neely-Henry Dam

Award-Winning Neely-Henry Dam Dissolved Oxygen Enhancement

At Alabama Power Company’s Neely Henry Dam, minimum levels of dissolved oxygen in the water are required for healthy aquatic life. Samples have indicated that at certain times of the year those levels briefly drop below acceptable levels. Introducing oxygen into the water roughly 50 feet below the water surface is accomplished by the installation of two Air Blowers capable of producing 24,000 SCFM each. Approximately 1,400 feet of all welded 304 grade stainless steel pipe ranges in size from 36” down to 8” and is connected to the blowers at ground level. This piping terminates into an aeration header which is basically a ring with holes inside the draft tube. Approximately 2,000 feet of 6-foot water piping, also 304 SS, is routed to ground level heat exchangers near the blowers to help to cool the air during hot months, before introducing it into the river. M & D Mechanical shop fabricated both the air and the water piping with flanged spools to minimize field welds. In addition to the piping, we shop fabricated and installed over 200 pipes and equipment supports.

M&D Mechanical was awarded the Award of Excellence in 2019, at the ABC North Alabama 15th Annual Excellence in Construction Awards. Read more about the award-winning project here.



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